DCinemaTools Overview

DCinemaTools Features:

  • Joining several communities together
  • News, products, and services sections for each group
  • Contributions accepted as White Papers, editorial or Forum entries
  • News agglomeration done automatically and by hand
  • DCinemaTools Membership Club for promoting group discounts on focused products or product lines
  • Free listings for consultants and societies
  • Low-cost or free listings for job searching services and classified ads

Rules, Policies and Other Ideas:

  • Humor is always accepted
  • Derogatory remarks will be expunged, and ‘We’ will decide how ‘derogatory’ is defined
  • Most other items will be accepted
  • You can remain anonymous
  • You can have a separate account for non-anonymous work
  • You can start a poll and request that it get front-paged
  • You can ask that an event gets put on the calender
  • You might find that some of our decisions are capricious…we’re probably not that smart
  • New features will be added…we hope you will contribute with ideas

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