Bright ~ 1080p ~ HDMI ~ Signage with BrightSign

The 2nd generation of this product line is very feature rich, so ‘everything’ is the answer. Networking software is even given in the package, which is about a third the cost of the usual units. So fire up your xml chops, and try something new.

I kept looking for a downside, but most all the bases are covered. What isn’t? Well, they don’t make a rack-mount kit, but since most devices are stuck to the monitors that they control, no problem.

Sample image


o Simple Networking – automatically download content from a folder on a web server, locally or over the Internet.

o Managed Networking – With your own server or using a Brightsign Network Manager account with SSL support, you can organize, manage and update content and software remotely and securely. Units can be grouped together, creating and scheduling presentations to be deployed.

o RSS & Time – Supports playback of RSS feeds, and updating time via the Internet.

o Network Control – Send/Receive commands via UDP

• Zones & Widgets for specialized concepts. You divide your screen into multiple, distinct content zones to playback videos, images, text and RSS feeds. Each zone has its own distinct playlist, and the layout and number of zones are configurable.

o Also allows control of background color, background image, font, text color and supports PowerPoint style transitions effects between images.

• 1080p with HDMI connections.

• Some units specialized for kiosk use, some for presentation.

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