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3D? Opera? Celluloid Junkie calls the Tune

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If it were just two great articles in a row, or three, one could say they were lucky. But a hit every shot out is a great record for a blog.

Celluloid Junkie is handled nicely by 2 industry veterans, Patrick von Sychowski of Adlabs and Sperling Reich of DTS. Their range and depth make their commentary critical for an understanding of the implications in the industry.

I wish that people would respond to their articles more, especially the ones that are single issue and filled with their opinions. People get in trouble for having opinions, so when someone is brave enough to put one out there, they should be supported </end opinion>

They recently seem…

It seems that recently they are summing up daily news in the exhibition field in one long report. We’ll see how this works.

Whatever, check them out. They are an asset. We’ll try to highlight the critical writings on our site to give you a heads up.

CelluloidJunkie – A critical link

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