Concepts in Exhibition…Making money with Digital

We all know that digital is not magic, but we do constantly forget. In the case of D-Cinema, the digital part is just a platform and we are just now seeing what that platform is good for.

If it was just movies, then the platform of a digital server and projector, and perhaps a management system, would be enough. But cinema theaters cannot survive on movies alone, regardless of what inflation makes the numbers look like.
Thus, Alternative Content becomes a platform of its own. It offers something different to draw crowds, and it has a different monetary structure…the cinema gets to keep more of the income flow. 

Live opera, F1 and wrestling get the fanfare, but commercials lead the way.

As Andreas Gronarz of Sanyo points out, a less expensive projector with a less expensive bulb can more easily play a variety of inputs (commercials usually come in MPEG2 and MPEG4), from a less expensive server, and without the trauma extra steps of the encryption process.

Local commercials aren’t difficult to create. A Blackmagic card in a decent computer can ingest most anything and send it out HD-SDI. A camera, some talent in front of it, a little practice and voilĂ , extra income and a service to the community.
This forum begins today, dedicated to the exchange of ideas in our dcinema community about the successes and trials and thoughts about adding more to the d-cinema movie server/projector chain.

We’ll provide space for manufacturer editorial, we’ll jot down a few of our ideas, but what we really hope to inspire is real life lessons that will get us all down the road more efficiently. The curtain opens, and it is your stage. Thanks in advance for your participation.

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