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Doremi’s Cinema Player has a new satellite feature. We get 3 answers from Patrick Zucchetta:Question 1: Is this meant to be used at the Central Server, or can it be used without any other equipment at the Playout Server?

Doremi has a satellite receiver called STREAMER which inputs RF or ASI, then multicasts it over Gigabit Ethernet in the multiplex, thus allowing use of existing Cat5 or CAT6 infrastructure. The DCP-2000 players are able to intercept this stream.

Using extended SPL, they can decode the HDTV stream and play it over Cinelink II to the 2K projector. This solution supports 2D and also 3D encoded with Sensio.

Question 2: Is this a standard option? And can current owners upgrade to include this feature?

STREAMER is an option that can be added at any time to a configuration.

Question 3: We imagine that eventually, a cinema complex will need several satellite feeds, and back-ups for those feeds. Can the Streamer take more than one feed? If there is a failure with a feed, can it automatically roll-over to a 2nd source.

In current version, we take only one satellite feed but this TS can have several broadcast channels so the DCP2000 players can select various channels.

Is an editorial appropriate here? OK; as you can tell, our feeling is that the future cinema infrastucture will be very sophisticated. There will be many different inputs that need to be correctly, quickly and securely routed to the different screening rooms…much like a modern post-production facility does. We therefore applaud the foresight that this valuable option that the Doremi Streamer presents.

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