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From our sister group, InternetMarine, we have a product that may or may not be interesting to you. But the deal is as great as the product need for those with the problem. 

Out at sea, one may get WiMax, or satellite, but that might be expensive. More ubiquitous is GSM, but the limits may kill you if you go over them. 30 minutes of internet songs will do it for most. WiFi you can get when in port, without those restrictions…but without the distance.

This load balancing multi-WAN box will repeat any of those signals through a 2nd WiFi radio or wired router. Something that I have been looking and waiting for, finally here.

Through a special relationship with the manufacturer we are getting a great introductory deal on this new unit.

In this case, we are limited to the end of the first month of delivery which should start on 15 March. (We’ve tested a pre-production unit. It was great.)

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