Fibre-optic networks vulnerable to hacking

ITHackers can access data by tapping the fibre-optic networks used by businesses around the world, according to an IDC report.

Fibre-optic cable networks are not as secure as believed – with new technology making it easy for hackers to steal data from them, according to an IDC report.

IDC research analyst Romain Fouchereau said that the reputation of a fibre-optic cable network as more secure than copper cables wasn’t justified, and that new and inexpensive technologies have now made data theft easily possible for hackers without detection.

Organisations … are potentially vulnerable from criminal threats, as much of the cabling is easily accessible and not well protected. … hacks on optical networks could be achieved simply by extracting light from ultra-thin fibres.

Once a successful tap has been achieved, … sniffers, can capture the data.

Read the entire article: Fibre-optic networks vulnerable to hacking | IT PRO – By Asavin Wattanajantra, 3 Aug 2009 at 15:33

“Organisations in the financial, insurance, healthcare, and government sectors deliver sensitive information across fibre-optic cables…

“Hence, capturing or eavesdropping on this data serves not only military purposes. …

The report also includes some past incidents of optical fibre networks being hacked, …

Fouchereau said that as it was impossible to monitor the entire optical fibre network, …

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