Best IBC Article 1 – BROADer Issue

davinci_blackmagic_and_othersIn amongst the press releases for upgrades, enhancements, new features, latest sales successes and so on, two pre-IBC stories stand out for me so far, and they’re both about company acquisitions.

First up is Blackmagic Design’s purchase of grading technology company DaVinci for an (as yet) undisclosed sum. Then, barely a day later, arrives the news that Avid has bough Maximum Throughput (Max-T), a post production storage, workflow & infrastructure company that has more recently been working on network-based editing technology.

While product synergies and future developments are dissected & debated over the coming days in bars & coffee shops throughout Amsterdam, for me, the story’s in the fact that these acquisitions have happened at all.

From an article at:

the BROADer issue September 09, 2009

Sunny skies over Amsterdam & the media tech industry?

After a fairly dismal few months, when almost everybody I spoke to complained of belts that are too tight, of long pockets and short arms, and [insert your cliche of choice here], there’s a certain positiveness about these deals.

Perhaps it’s not just a coincidence that fine weather is forecast for Amsterdam …

In an email I saw re-published on the @fxguide website, Grant Petty, Blackmagic Design’s CEO, reveals…:

“…one of the things that totally blew my mind when I first started in post production as an engineer way back in 1988 was the color grading room with a DaVinci….

Petty will not be drawn on plans for the DaVinci product line or the prospect of low-cost products, …

Avid’s purchase of Max-T came as a bit of a surprise, but now it’s happened, it makes sense.

Sledgehammer, Max-T’s storage and infrastructure product, one assumes, contains features …

MaxEdit is perhaps the more interesting of the company’s main products, though.

Editing over a network, free of an application, via a browser, and using centralised resources, is …

Avid has hundreds of millions of dollars in the bank and it needs to raise its game in the face of stiff competition …

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