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Taste Treat: The Schubin Cafe

Mark Schubin PhotoOne could try to be clever, and say about Mark Schubin’s new online magazine, ”From ten eighty to nine eleven, the new Schubin Cafe brings together a myriad, perhaps a nearly complete assembly, of Mark’s writings from over the years.”

But that would be wrong. For one, the words ’try to be clever’ and Mark Schubin do not belong in the same paragraph, much less the same sentence – Mark deals in making certain that the facts are straight – cleverness has nothing to do with it.

Second, neither the alleged HDness of 1080 or the (im)politics of 9/11 limit the scope or texture of what Mark has to write about. In addition, the Schubin Cafe contains sound and moving pictures…so writing is not a limit either.

Regardless, the days of chance stumblings across his material for this TechTrainspotter, and abortive trial runs at various sites for Mark’s podcasts and other materials, appear to be over.

The site has been running in background mode since July, with expectations to go “Live” with an Official Launch in October.

Lest we waste any more of your time here, this article will end. Be certain to come back when you need some DCinema information. We’ll understand if you disappear for a while, addicted to the years and years of data and nuance to munch on at the Schubin Cafe…we’re already well into the l’Antipasto section of the menu, and have charted a plan through Il Primo…

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