250 Top Movies Map

Mapping Movie Re-Issues

250 Top Movies MapEase of Distribution is one of the highlights of the digital cinema evolution. With news that Reliance will be converting 15-25 movies per year into 3D using the In-Three technology, and other news of the majors converting their libraries, what better way to decide what to look for than with a map…a subway-style map at that.

This brilliant piece of work was done using the imdb list as of June 2009, so it carries the prejudice of that userset and time, but the French blogger who put it together deserves great credit for the work.

Try the pdf version at vodkaster|Le Blog

As long as we’re in a map mode, here are some of our other favorites:

Milky Way Transit Authority

Planet Earth – I’m only one stop from Alexandria…cool

US Highways – You will need a Yahoo account

Non-Classical Popular Music

the oddest of all: What’s On Earth Tonight–Electromagnetic Leak–TV if you are way out there

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