A Few Moments Sorting Quantum Entanglement

There’s a clever bit on Quantum Entanglement in io9 this week:
As clever as the Esther Inglis-Arkell piece is, the comments are terrific for asking and answering that confusions that I’m sure most of us would have verbalized about this intriguing piece of physics as it approaches its border with philosophy.
Not to be missed are responses of a commenter named: Roklimber
To type more would distract you from hitting the link above. Perfect for lunch time reading.

The original September ’09 Scientific American article is here, and important in itself, but not as important as someone holding hands with the non-physicists who want to know more of this topic.

Quantum Entanglement, Photosynthesis and Better Solar Cells: Scientific American

A May ’09 article with more detailed thoughts from Foresight.org is here:
the Foresight Institute » Quantum entanglement in photosynthesis?

A pdf of the original Berkley article:

Quantum entanglement in photosynthetic light harvesting complexes


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