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Using a presentation topic of DCinemaTango to describe the renewed vigor of european digital cinema’s recent explosion from the chasm of stalled installations, the European Audiovisual Observatory in Cannes held a seminar during the Cannes Film Festival. Several speakers gave details of the past, current issues and financing. Two interesting presentations spoke of the legal aspects of EU financing that will both assist and hinder the expansion of digital presentation equipment’s evolution to the next phase of the exhibitor (and patron) base.

The presentations were recorded, and are now available with their documents. With the plethora of conferences, and the financial and environmental aspects of attending them, having this information available on the Observatory’s site is laudable in itself. Being well organized and filled with excellent data makes it even more compelling.

The presenters and their topics were:

  • Box office trends 2009: 3D a driving force
    — Martin Kanzler, European Audiovisual Observatory 
  • Digital roll-out: Status quo as of year-end 2009
    —Elisabetta Brunella, MEDIA Salles
  • Public funding for digital roll-out: who, what and where
    —Susan Newman-Baudais, European Audiovisual Observatory>
  • Public funding – Legal issues
    —Francisco Cabrera-Blázquez, European Audiovisual Observatory 

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Digital Cinema Tango! The Observatory Panel in Cannes part 2

Digital Cinema Tango! The Observatory Panel in Cannes part 3

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Watch the videos and download the materials from the European Audiovisual Observatory site:

Digital Cinema Tango Workshop [Link]

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