DCI Compliance – Then There Were Three [Updated]

The DCIMovies website now lists 3 NEC, 2 Chrisite, and 3 Barco projectors as having passed the Compliance Test Plan detailed procedures. All 3 manufacturers are utilizing the same version of the Texas Instruments (TI) Enigma board and what appears to be similar versions of software. Details are on the linked site above.

Christie Press Release         Barco Press Release            NEC Press Release

Christie has just announced that their CP 2220 Series 2 projector has passed muster at CineCert for DCI Compliance. The sentence that says that they are the first has me in an infinite loop, which prevents me from reading any more. There is probably some nuance that says that they did something that Barco didn’t do, but who knows…the rest of the press release just seems so release-y after that.

The good news is that after 10 years of TI doing the yeoman work of making the digital cinema industry happen, they finally have gotten two of their OEMs past the goal.

They also announced that there are now 300,000 3D capable projectors in the field. But that was a different group making noise for a different industry.

Congrats to TI. Next up, a server company…bets anyone?

[Update: Christie PR was able to help parse the noise…]:

Yes, there is a difference in our announcement.  Barco’s announcement says only that they’ve passed the “procedural” portion of the CTP.  Christie is announcing they’ve passed everything, which includes the  procedural AND design aspects, so we’re much closer to receiving complete DCI compliance certification.
Here’s Barco’s announcement:
Kortrijk, Belgium, 17 March 2010 — Barco, a global leader in digital cinema announced today that its ‘Series 2’ digital cinema projector has successfully passed the procedural test for DCI compliance administered by CineCert, the leading 3rd party authorizing test facility.
Hope this helps.

 So there. We now know better what to watch for.

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