Valens semi new HD over ethernet chart

100BaseT HD A/V Spec Released/Promoted

Valens semi new HD over ethernet chartPromoting a new standard that carries “Uncompressed Full HD” Video, Audio, 100baseT ethernet, power and control over RJ-45 cable, LG, Samsung and Sony (Pictures) are all backing a new technology named HDbaseT. 

Made possible by a chipset from Valens Semiconductor, the HDbaseT Alliance is inviting companies to join. There is a HDBaseT Comparison Table listing details of other current and future technologies alongside the HDBaseT 1.0 spec.

The HDMI cable was an incredible advance when it first arrived, but it isn’t easy to pull one through conduit and create an end in situ. The cost of using the technology was also the cost of the chipset, plus a payment based upon quantity with the HDMI alliance. The HDBaseT Press Release doesn’t mention any license fees.


It takes just a little thinking to realize how important a technology that can pass network data, USB, control data, daisy-chain (or star) devices, plus pass audio and video. The pr mentions a video recorder serving all devices in a multi-TV house, but it goes much farther. The digital signage field has handled some of these protocols, for example, but it has been through proprietary work. 

More data: Find chip prices and if there is licensing considerations.

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