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CGI, X'Y'Z' to P3, there are so many things going on. Here's the news.

[Update] Final Cut Pro X Stories

AppleInsider has new shots, including Motion: AppleInsider | Images claim to show Apple’s Motion 5, Final Cut Pro X

Richard Taylor has an excellent new rundown on Ken Stone’s site: Final Cut Pro X Rundown

FCP X, the next version of Final Cut Pro will be released in June. It was shown at the SuperMeet during NAB. But the version was the same that was shown 6 weeks previous to a limited set of experts.

The following links speak to a number of issues that are interesting and provocative to other experts: What is coming and will it really be the next great thing…or will it be iMovie Plus. (Apple asserts that it will be the next great thing for post-produciton. The big news is that it is 64 bit, 4k media, background rendering, will use all the cores you can throw at it, gets rid of QuickTime as the base code – substituting AVFoundation – and $299.)

Digital Content Producer: FCPX: What It Might Mean

The Sound of 1,700 Jaws Dropping: Larry’s Blog

Terence & Philip Show: Episode 25: NAB and Final Cut Pro X

Phillip Hodgetts: What are my thoughts on Final Cut Pro X? –

Larry Jordan & Michael Kammes on FCPX | 2011 NAB SHOW BUZZ

NAB11 FCP X Sneak Peek at FreshDV

AppleInsider | Apple previews new $299 64-bit Final Cut Pro X to arrive in June

PhotographBay: Final Cut Pro User Group Supermeet – LiveBlog (Updated: Final Cut Pro X Officially Unveiled)

Apple announces Final Cut Pro X | Apple Talk – CNET News

For those of you that missed the FCP X Intro at the SuperMeet | LinkedIn

Bonus: Digital Content Producer: Encoding for the Apple iPad, Part 1

More on DCP Creation – Qube

Qube has a new DCP creator that works as a plug-in for Final Cut Compressor. There are 4 versions that range from generic to 3D/4K packages and from $800 (570€) to nearly $2,800 (2,000€).The title is QubeMaster Xport.

Qube Online Store Product Catalog

Qube is also announcing that in June they will have a KDM key generation service for QubeMaster Xport users to add security to the DCPs.

QubeMaster Xport enables Final Cut Pro users to save pre-defined settings as Compressor Droplets and simply drag-and-drop files to create DCI-compliant masters. All of the file formats supported in Final Cut Studio can be output to 2K and 4K, and the software can handle XYZ color space conversions, or apply custom 3D LUTs to source files while encoding.

“With major film festivals like Cannes and Venice now endorsing DCPs as their preferred delivery format, we’re seeing a surge of interest from independent filmmakers looking for better ways to master and deliver their films,” explained Eric Bergez, director of sales and marketing at Qube Cinema. “This new website gives them access to all the tools they need for generating DCP masters without the expense and complication of going to a major facility.”

Bergez pointed out that QubeMaster Xport also opens the door to the growing digital cinema market for boutique post houses and pre-show content creators. “It’s about putting distribution capabilities into the hands of those who create the content,” he added.

Stone Review: Eizo CG245W Self-Calibrating Computer Monitor

Using a good computer monitor is, without a doubt, essential to any editor. Not all monitors are made the same, have the same colorations, and are capable of presenting an image the way it should be. The larger screen size of any monitor can provide more workspace than its smaller counterparts, true, but it is the monitor’s reaction time, resolution and pixel pitch that differentiates the needs of the text based user from the more demanding needs of the photographer and videographers.

Continue reading Stone Review: Eizo CG245W Self-Calibrating Computer Monitor

iPad – Cut Notes

Digital Rebellion LLC today announced the availability of Cut Notes for iPad, a tool for taking timecode notes on set or during a screening. If you are a Producer, Director or Editor that still hand-writes timecode during a screening, say Hello to Cut Notes.

As simple as tapping Play along with your Editor, you’ll never again worry about manually writing timecode next to your thoughts during a screening.

With a single tap of a Note Key, your notes can be a short as one word or an entire phrase, all added instantly at the current timecode. Cut Notes frees you from looking at what you’re writing and allows you to focus on what’s important: the cut.

Change any Note Key, create new pages of Note Keys, all centered around your workflow. Cut Notes tailors to your Post Production needs.

Cut Notes is platform independent. Whether you’re screening a DVD, a QuickTime file the Editor sent out, or sitting in an edit bay with your team, Cut Notes just works. After you’ve made your notes, Cut Notes can e-mail Avid Locator or Marker List files, which can be imported into NLEs like Avid Media Composer, Final Cut Pro, and more. Cut Notes can also e-mail, copy, and print your notes using AirPrint. Importing a Marker List into Final Cut Pro requires the free Cut Notes Marker Import utility for Mac OS X available from

Swipe all the way to the left to make notes with the keyboard if a Note Key doesn’t apply.

Have as many projects as you want, at any of the common frame rates. Inside each project you can have an unlimited number of cuts. You’ll always be able to reference an older cut in case you think your Editor missed something from the last round of notes.

“Cut Notes is a perfect example of how an iPad can supplement production & post production workflows.” 
– Craig Bergonzoni, Editor/Producer 

“I’m really happy with the software… I’d feel comfortable using Cut Notes in a screening with executives.” 
– Chris Chris Losnegard, Story Producer

Cut Notes is priced at $7.99 and is available for the iPad on the iTunes App Store.
More information is available at

About Digital Rebellion
Digital Rebellion LLC specializes in workflow tools for post production professionals. Our other products include FCS Maintenance Pack – a must-have tool for maintaining, optimizing and troubleshooting Final Cut Studio – and FCP Versioner, a utility that backs up every revision to a Final Cut Pro project and generates changelogs between versions – making it an essential tool in fast-paced collaborative post production environments.
Our products are used daily by Fortune 500 companies and studios on projects including NCIS:Los Angeles and Cougar Town.
More information is available at

Ideas for mastering DCPs

Before sending a hard drive with a DCP at least check the DCP with the free or full version of Fraunhofer Easydcp Player. That way you will see if the DCP fails the basic tests done by easydcp player like “Check file hashes” and that the disk works and have the correct DCP on it. The doremi and Sony (with recent firmware) accepts NTFS disks, otherwise a ext2/ext3 linux disk could be used. Continue reading Ideas for mastering DCPs

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