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NAB / CinemaCon Future Space.Time Conjunctions

The schedule for the NATO convention now known as CinemaCon* and the NAB Convention has taken on interesting time intersection. They both occur in Las Vegas. 

In the past the NATO convention (then known as ShoWest) was 4 or 5 weeks before NAB. With the first CinemaCon this year (2011) there was a 9 day difference between the end of CinemaCon and the beginning of NAB (if you consider the SMPTE/NATO “DCienmaDays” as the beginning of NAB…the weekend before the NAB Exhibits open.

In 2012 this takes an interesting twist. NAB begins on the 14th and closes on the 19th of April, with CinemaCon beginning just a few days later on the 23rd (and closing on Thursday the 26th.

2013 brings NAB on 6-11 April with CinemaCon on 15-18.

2014 switches them; first CinemaCon on 24-27 March and NAB on 5-10 April. (Perhaps these dates were chosen because Passover is on the 15th and Easter that year is on the 20th. There is no conflicts with these floating holidays the other years.)

Now if only the Hollywood Post Alliance festival in Palm Springs were moved from February to the week before CinemaCon us Europeans could schedule one trip and get our tech fix all in one long drip-fed dose. 



*It has been confirmed that the Con in CinemaCon has nothing to do with “Putting the Con back in Cinema” as has been suspected. 

3Questions on HI/VI Issues – European Union of the Deaf

EUD plus 3 Questions LogoThere are several groups who represent the varied and specific interests of the community of people with disabilities in the EU. Some campaigns are centered around specific issues, for example the 2006 campaign that resulted in Disabled Air Passengers’ Rights. Other campaigns focus upon accessibility to the internet, and this year mobility issues have been given a special international highlight.

Recently the work of one broadly focused activity came to fruition. As background, within the general portfolio of the United Nations International Bill of Human Rights are nine Core International Human Rights Instruments. They are all considered treaties which, though ratified within the UN, still need to be ratified and implemented at the country level.

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Theaters Respond to Studio’s VOD Threat

exhibition logoTheater operators are mounting a challenge to plans by Hollywood studios to release movies in the home when they are still in theaters.

The nation’s largest theater chains have been reaching out to investors and analysts on Wall Street, as well as directors, producers and agents, in an effort to build support for preserving so-called theatrical windows — the period of time between when a movie opens in cinemas and when it comes out on DVD or other media.

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