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[Update] Final Cut Pro X Stories

AppleInsider has new shots, including Motion: AppleInsider | Images claim to show Apple’s Motion 5, Final Cut Pro X

Richard Taylor has an excellent new rundown on Ken Stone’s site: Final Cut Pro X Rundown

FCP X, the next version of Final Cut Pro will be released in June. It was shown at the SuperMeet during NAB. But the version was the same that was shown 6 weeks previous to a limited set of experts.

The following links speak to a number of issues that are interesting and provocative to other experts: What is coming and will it really be the next great thing…or will it be iMovie Plus. (Apple asserts that it will be the next great thing for post-produciton. The big news is that it is 64 bit, 4k media, background rendering, will use all the cores you can throw at it, gets rid of QuickTime as the base code – substituting AVFoundation – and $299.)

Digital Content Producer: FCPX: What It Might Mean

The Sound of 1,700 Jaws Dropping: Larry’s Blog

Terence & Philip Show: Episode 25: NAB and Final Cut Pro X

Phillip Hodgetts: What are my thoughts on Final Cut Pro X? – FilmmakingWebinars.com

Larry Jordan & Michael Kammes on FCPX | 2011 NAB SHOW BUZZ

NAB11 FCP X Sneak Peek at FreshDV

AppleInsider | Apple previews new $299 64-bit Final Cut Pro X to arrive in June

PhotographBay: Final Cut Pro User Group Supermeet – LiveBlog (Updated: Final Cut Pro X Officially Unveiled)

Apple announces Final Cut Pro X | Apple Talk – CNET News

For those of you that missed the FCP X Intro at the SuperMeet | LinkedIn

Bonus: Digital Content Producer: Encoding for the Apple iPad, Part 1

DCinemaTools Editorial

Welcome to the Industry Online news magazine for the Professional Digital Cinema Industry.

Defining DCinema is like defining the Cote d’Azur and the Riviera. Some people say one or the other goes from St. Tropez into parts of Italy, while some people limit them from Cannes to Monaco. 

Our definition of professional DCinema (in addition to David Reisner’s definition)  is whatever is involved in capturing, manipulating and exhibiting image and sound using high end, professional digital technology. Digital has been part of the post-production world for a long time, in the acquisition world on a more limited level and the exhibition side is just leaving its science phase.

Our goal is to bring together the tangential pieces of information from throughout the internet, so that people focused on one area can find nuance and trends from other areas of the community. But because the exhibition end is expecting to have a tech revolution without a lot of tech savvy people, our focus will tend to be at that group. We hope that we are not “All 3D, All the Time”, but we will cover 3D implications.

We will gather items from blogs and newsletters, but we don’t mean to replace them, just direct you to them as appropriate.

Please contact us whenever you have ideas that might help us help the community.

Finally, the disclosure bit: DCinemaTools is part of the DCinemaComplianceGroup, an organization set up to assist exhibitors in fulfilling their requirements of staying compliant with SMPTE and DCI requirements. It is a work in progress, hopefully available Q2 2011, when the SMPTE specs take over. Our project will include projectionist training in the basics as well as maintaining databases of the daily, weekly and monthly inspection reports.