3rd Auditorium Test Report – Pictures Report


2024-06-20 05:02:43

NATO Luminance Test Report

DCP Name: NATest-11000_TST-1_C_MOS_4K_20191115_DTB_SMPTE_OV

Picture Name
Image Look
What to Notice in Picture
Value 1-10
Africa Sunset

Find the lower birds

There are 2 bird below that should be obvious. What may not be is a 3rd lone bird just under the sun.
Nepal Hiker

The Hiker

Focus on shadows in folds of pants, details in rocks at right, brightness of snow patch below feet, sharpness of mountain sky border.
Aim Center
Hawaii Sunset

Hawaii Sunset

Bright sun, texture in foreground, detail in clouds
Sierra Sunrise

Sierra Moonrise

Different colors in two mountain ranges...clear view of snow, trees in hills, Bright Moon
Measure Center Again
Hanging Lanterns

Hanging Balls

Detail in dome.
Hanging Lanterns. Chains easy to see. Tags on lantern a key.
Read Center
Ground Zero Bolts

Isdcf framing chart

Double shadows under bright bolts, many other details
Read Center