Facility Report Form – General

For these tests – which include no color readings – you are interested in using a Photometer with a 2° aperture.

You can use a radiospectrometer, but it is overkill for this purpose, and most are often very slow to determine dark levels (in minutes, not seconds).

Accuracy and speed. Trade off for speed if you can, but you want a device that can accurately read at least down to 0.001 nits (a term meaning candelas per square meter), and 0.0001 if you can get it.

General Instructions

0 – Always try to get the materials ingested and the playlist created before the testing day.

1a – Note on this page if your measurements are feet/inches or meters.

2a – Measure screen width and note in space provided.
2b – Note if Screen is Flat (Fixed Width) or Scope (Fixed Height).
2c – The form will automatically calculate the Scope Screen Height, and the dimension for 2 Scope Screen Heights back from the screen.

3a – Set up Test Equipment on tripod placed at the Screen Height position, centered to the left/right center of the screen.
3b – The device should be at above any seats by at least 10 centimeters, with the optimal height of ___ meters from the floor.

4a – Load Target DCP first and play it first while ingesting the other materials and making the playlist. This gives the team something to prepare with during the ingest time. (Always try to get the materials ingested the day before.)

5 – Take all readings in Nits. The equipment setting will likely say: cd/m2

6 – This report will automatically be sent to a spreadsheet when the Submit button at the bottom of each page is clicked. If you also want it sent to the following email addresses, please use the selections below.

NATO Luminance Report Form

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