EditFest NY 2011: Editing Extravaganza Returns

The American Cinema Editor’s (ACE) EditFest NY, the east coast version of ACE’s popular EditFest series originally launched in 2008 as ACE EditFest LA, is gearing up for its return to New York City as the blockbuster editing event of the summer.

Set to kick off on Friday, June 10 at the Director’s Guild of America Theater in New York City, ACE EditFest NY, co-produced by Manhattan Edit Workshop (Mewshop), presents the editing and filmmaking community with two action-packed days of discussion, discovery and behind-the-scenes excitement, straight from the cutting room floor, with the industry’s most talented and well-respected editors of both feature films and television. From sharply planned, targeted panels like Editing Animation: Pixar, with Toy Story 3 editor Ken Schretzmann, and The Lean Forward Moment, moderated by Norman Hollyn, to interactive, face-to-face, dialog Q&A sessions with top editors, ACE EditFest NY is the summer’s must-attend event for everyone from professional editors, to production executives, network and studio staff, fledgling assistants, content creators, filmmaking enthusiasts, movie buffs, and more. Watch the ACE EditFest NY promo video here: http://vimeo.com/17345630?ab.

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NAB Wrap-up | Andy Marken

NAB is still sorta about TV and movies…but with a difference.

The difference is huge. They’re trying to figure out how to hook you up with their content, stuff, rather than letting the other guy suck you in. So they’re 

trying all the angles smartphone, tablet, notebook. Heck even the TV and theater. Seems as though you’ve given up work, exercise, just about everything to watch  content anytime, anywhere, anyhow. Continue reading NAB Wrap-up | Andy Marken

3Questions: OpenDCP – Now with GUI

3 Questions with OpenDCP creatorThe dream of creating DCPs for local commercials and film festivals by artists using simple yet affordable tools just took a monumental step forward with the latest advance of OpenDCP.

Created by a theater owner and long-time computer engineer, this tool uses a combination of Open Source tools to take a finished ‘movie’ and turn it into a package that can be played by a digital projection media player and projector. And, it is free.1

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[Update] Security Lesson – Sony PlayStation Breach

Weeks later, Sony still in trouble: Read Sony yet to fully secure its networks: expert | Reuters



For the past week, rumors about a potential breach of all customer information in the vast online PlayStation world has turned from ‘maybe’ to the worst possible situation. Read the Krebs On Security report for details: 

Millions of Passwords, Credit Card Numbers at Risk in Breach of Sony Playstation Network — Krebs on Security

While not directly associated with digital cinema, it shows the extent that hackers are able to cleverly exploit nuances of sophisticated code that even the largest corporations attempt to keep secure. One of the basic rules of encryption is that anyone can create a secure system that they themselves can’t breach.

One of the strengths of Open Source software is that a world community is able to research code to find and fix problems. This is the path that DCI and SMPTE tried to follow, using international standards such as AES and ___ for the packaging, transport and playout, to protect the intellectual property that we are all given to play to our customers.

It appears that the transition from PlayStation 2 to PlayStation 3 allowed some glitches into the code. These were apparently discovered when hackers worked to allow PlayStation 2 users to enter the online system that had cut them off. Code in the PlayStation 3 developers kit provided the tools. Where Sony didn’t use enough outside help to give oversight by “White Hat Hackers”, “Black Hat Hackers filled the gap. Now, only as an after thought post-catastrophe, outside help is being asked to help secure a newly designed system.

This is relevant to the DCienma world as we transfer from Series I to Series II projectors, external to internal media blocks (IMBs to the cognoscente) and maintaining InterOp format deliver while transferring to SMPTE compliant formats and equipment. 

The lesson is: Learn more. Pay Attention. The other basic rule of security is Constant Vigilance, which requires a trained staff from top to bottom. That includes corporate executives, local management, chief techs, chief projectionist and each person in the stream who touches a security key.

Good luck to us all. The studio personnel are not the top of this chain. The artists, the producers, the writers and their lawyers are the top of the chain who are trusting us to keep their materials secure. As a professional in the industry, don’t let your name be on the list of defendants in a lawsuit for breach of duty.

CinemaCon Official PR [Updated]

CinemaCon LogoCinemaCon begins with International Day on 28 March. There are many interesting conferences on that day and the following two. As a break from tradition and to help make the exhibition floor more vital there are more open time without conflicts, including a virtually undisturbed final day (except for the movie.)

Of course, 3D will be a major topic, lasers are around the corner, but orienting everything around a many new regimes will be the unofficial theme.

Following is the links for the primary PR events of the show. This will be updated when new information is received.

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Stone Review: Eizo CG245W Self-Calibrating Computer Monitor

Using a good computer monitor is, without a doubt, essential to any editor. Not all monitors are made the same, have the same colorations, and are capable of presenting an image the way it should be. The larger screen size of any monitor can provide more workspace than its smaller counterparts, true, but it is the monitor’s reaction time, resolution and pixel pitch that differentiates the needs of the text based user from the more demanding needs of the photographer and videographers.

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Thunderbolt FAQ – CNET

Intel’s Thunderbolt: What you need to know (FAQ)

Intel’s long-awaited Light Peak technology, now known formally as Thunderbolt, is finally available on its first consumer device, and the company today unveiled more details about when we’ll be seeing it in consumer PCs and gadgets.

First unveiled at the Intel Developer Forum back in 2009, the data transfer tech promises to replace a handful of ports with one that can do more things, and do them faster.

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HPA Keeps Giving…Schubin Cafe

The HPA Technical Retreat has come and gone, but the Schubin Cafe keeps posting slide shows and videos from the event.

Don’t miss these two posts:
Schubin Cafe » Blog Archive » Alternatives to Two-Lens 3D (HPA 2011 Tech Retreat Presentation #2)
Schubin Cafe » Blog Archive » Alternatives to Two-Lens 3D (HPA 2011 Tech Retreat Presentation #2)

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